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Desktop computer repair

Why come to us?

  • Experience in Desktop repairing for over 18 years
  • We built over 2000 custom computer systems in Europe
  • Warranty of 6 months on every repair
  • Free diagnostics
  • Possibility to upgrade or exchange your computer


You can save yourself time and money by visiting our service center.

How to reach us?

Directly in our office see map

Our office is on Sheikh Zayed Road near FAB Metro station. If you come to us, your device will be examined right away, and you will get an estimate on price and duration of repair

Call or WhatsApp us 054/725-33-99

Best way would be to record a short video clip of faulty device from witch we can see manifestation of the problem, make and model of the device. After watching we can also give a price estimate, and asses, is it possible to perform the intervention on the spot, or we need to bring it to the service center.


We will be more than happy to answer to your inquiry in the shortest possible time

How can we help

PSU repair

PSU's in Desktop computers are easily interchangeable. These are the components that are not usually repaired. But, in certain cases it is easier to attempt repair before buying a new one. Sometimes the shape of the PSU can be non-standard, and sometime it is a Hi-end PSU that is worth the effort.

Repair includes:

  • Opening and cleaning
  • Repairing the PSU
  • Hardware and Software test
  • Price: 100 AED


    Cleaning of Desktop computers

    Everyone that ever owned a Desktop can witness how quickly they accumulate dust. Many owners are scared of opening the case or simply do not like to do the cleaning themselves. For a small price we can clean it for you with closely examining is everything in its place. If we find a cable loose, we will fix it for free. After cleaning, and only with your permission, we will power up the computer to do a quick check-up on the OS.

    Repair includes:

  • Cleaning the inside of the Desktop
  • Visual inspection of the components
  • Check-up on the OS
  • Price: 50 AED

    Desktop upgrade

    Main advantage of Desktop computers over laptops is that they are easier to upgrade. If you don't know exactly what you will be doing with your computer you can start with an cheaper configuration, and later, when you realize what you need, upgrade. Most popular upgrade is to put more memory, but often users go for faster VGA(graphic) cards or even CPU. You must be aware of the limitations of your system, because the Motherboard will dictate what piece of hardware you can install and sometimes the power of the PSU and size of the case. If you are not sure how to check these limitations, consult with us before buying a new component. Here we are only giving the price for installation, but you can buy a component from us as well.

    Repair includes:

  • Installing in the case
  • Installing of the drivers in the OS
  • Hardware and Software test
  • Price: 80 AED

    Motherboards and VGA boards

    When your computer is not booting or displaying error massages, first thing that you need is good diagnostic. We will do it for free in our shop. If the component that is causing the problem can be repaired, we will first try to do that repair, if we determine that it is not economical to repair given component, we will recommend its replacement. Our advantage is that we can repair the components that are not traditionally considered worth repairing like motherboards and VGA boards.

    Repair includes:

  • Diagnose of the problem
  • Repair of the problem
  • All parts needed for repair
  • Hardware and Software test
  • 200 AED


    HDD replacing

    Hard disk drive is the place where computer keeps all it's data. It contains files needed for our OS and programs to work, but also your personal data like photos, documents and videos. Usually they are mechanical and consist of one or more disk spinning inside a small box. They are constantly moving so they are prone to damages. New SSD hard drives are doing the same thing with silicone memory chips so they do not have the mechanical issues. SSD is a superior technology not only for its reliability but also for its speed. The only downside of them is their price. When a hard drive fails, it can make a big problem if you are not doing regular backups. Installing a new hard disk is different from replacing other computer components. We must install your OS and programs into it, so it takes more time. The price below is only for labor, part is sold separately.

    Repair includes:

  • Opening and cleaning
  • HDD installment
  • OS and programs installment
  • Hardware and Software test
  • Price: 150 AED

    Data recovery

    When a HDD dies, or you have another malfunction of your hardware/software you can experience data loss. Regular updates are the prevention for this, but there always can be a situation where someone, for various reasons didn't do it. Well, in many cases there is a solution! There are many levels of doing data recovery, we are experts for all but one: opening a mechanical HDD. In 90% of the situations it is possible to recover your Data, and we will charge nothing if we do not succeed.

    Repair includes:

  • Extracting data if possible
  • Price: from 200 AED

    Free Diagnostics

    Sometimes it's not that simple to determine where is the problem. If there is no picture, is it the VGA board? Or maybe the monitor? Maybe it is even more complicated like sudden blue screen or a restart in the middle of your work? We will employ all our skills to find the cause of the problem in the shortest possible time. Sometimes it will be in your home or over the phone, but for bigger issues it will be in our shop. Only when we find the problem we will give you a quotation for the repair.

    Repair includes:

  • Diagnose of the problem
  • All parts needed
  • FREE!

    Upgrade of Desktop computers

    Many times it happens that your computer is not up to a challenge that you presented to it. This usually means that it's time for an upgrade! We can give you proper advice on what is possible and what is not for your computer. If we conclude that the best thing would be a new machine, we can offer a trade-in so you get some money for your old machine. Even if you are upgrading only a component, we can offer to buy your old component and save you some money that way.

    Repair includes:

  • Opening and cleaning
  • Upgrade
  • Hardware and Software test
  • on request

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