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Home Theater repair

Why come to us?

  • Experience in Audio/Video systems repairing of more than 20 years
  • Highly qualified engineers are at your service
  • Warranty of one year on every repair
  • Free diagnostics
  • Possibility to upgrade or exchange your equipment


You can save yourself time and money by visiting our service center.

How to reach us?

Directly in our office see map

Our office is on Sheikh Zayed Road near FAB Metro station. If you come to us, your device will be examined right away, and you will get an estimate on price and duration of repair

Call or WhatsApp us 054/725-33-99

Best way would be to record a short video clip of faulty device from witch we can see manifestation of the problem, make and model of the device. After watching we can also give a price estimate, and asses, is it possible to perform the intervention on the spot, or we need to bring it to the service center.


We will be more than happy to answer to your inquiry in the shortest possible time

How can we help

Blue Ray/Media player repair

Blue-Ray are easily replaceable so there is not much sense in repairing them? Well, there are cases where they are integrated with the amplifier and replacing them would mean replacing the whole system, or maybe you are just used to a certain one. What ever is the case, we are here to repair it!

Repair includes:

  • Opening and cleaning
  • Repairing the unit
  • Price: 150 AED


    Speaker repair

    Speakers are delivering the sound from your system. Their membranes are producing the effects so crucial for a theater experience. But what happens if the membranes get damaged? We are there to help. We can replace membranes, coils as well as complete drivers

    Repair includes:

  • Replacing faulty components
  • Testing after repair
  • Price: 150 AED



    A receiver is the center of your home theater system. In addition to providing surround sound processing and the power to drive your speakers, today’s home theater receivers act as a connection hub for all of your of audio/video sources and your TV. It is very inconvenient if it starts failing. Luckily, we are there to help

    Repair includes:

  • Disconnecting from the system (your home)
  • Repairing and testing in shop
  • Returning and connecting back
  • Price: 250 AED


    Setup of the system

    We can come and assist you in connecting end testing your Home Theater system. The price does not include material cost or drilling walls and concealing cables. These services are priced on case to case basis, and will be given after an initial visit by our technician

    Repair includes:

  • Connecting wires
  • Software setup
  • Testing
  • Price: 150 AED

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